alon de l'Opéra at D'ORFEST  

Learn about opera as you listen to young opera singers invited to come and sing at D'ORFEST. 

These unmissable salons are curated and hosted by one of the best up-coming talents, our very own, in-residence baritone, Matthew Cooper 

You can listen now to Matthew singing by playing one of his tracks in the soundcloud player

ini Music Festivals at D'ORFEST  

In 2017, D'ORFEST will be hosting our 30th Anniversary Mini-Music Festival. If you would like to be invited, email d.clancy@orange.fr

D'ORFEST started with 4 mini-music festivals 2009 to 2012, where around 200 people got together for 3 or 4 days, camping around the house, to enjoy good music, good food, wonderful scenery, gorgeous sun sets and sun rises and each other's company. 

You can watch the promo and post-festival videos by clicking one of the years under the "Music @ D'ORFEST" tab.

Here's the promo video for D'ORFEST 2012