Update 10th June - we could do a coach again if there is demand.

Get your friends organised now !!

We need 49 people on the list below by 15th June to confirm the coach - £109 RETURN, (including day trips).

Depart London Gatwick evening 12/07/2012. Return London Gatwick afternoon 15/07/2012

2 years ago we arranged a luxury coach which left D'ORFEST at 4am on the last night, so you could sleep on the way home. We could do the same again this year but this time with the coach also leaving the UK in the evening on the outward journey - 12/07/12 - so that you can sleep most of the way to DORFEST too, arriving around mid-day on the 13th. We didn't do it last year because not enough people wanted it but the great thing about it is you have no worries about taxis or lifts to and from airports, you can relax on the coach and you get to go on a trip to the market or restaurant every lunchtime to see the local area. There's not much time to confirm this, so we will need 49 people to confirm within the next 5 days to make this happen. We will publish this form on the dorfest website so you can all track progress on who's coming and whether we reach the target. The return price, inclusive of day trips is £109 (subject to confirmation, depending on how close the the 49 target we get)