15 Juillet 2010

Sun Splash kicked off the festival with a wonderfully atmospheric performance on the new 'Barn' stage at D'OrFEST on 15.7.2010

Sunsplash performing 'Cigarette' at D'orFEST

The Seven Sons perform 'Crazy' at D'orFEST
16 Juillet 2010

Lead singer Keith and his band gave us some fantastic rock classics and blues ballads which electrified the audience and got the dance floor buzzing on the 'France 1950s' theme night at D'OrFest 2010

  • The Back to the Future theme will allow us to zip forward in time and parade back to whichever vintage era takes your fancy
  • Sam Martin from The Griffin will be taking a break from writing tracks for girl bands to come and play
  • The Sevens Sons (2010), Jack Jenkins and Aaron (2009) have confirmed that they want to come again
  • HERE'S a TASTER of the Rat Pack theme for Night Two...

Jenkins or Aaron to cover this maybe?