Mini Music Festivals at D'ORFEST  

In 2017, D'ORFEST will be hosting our 30th Anniversary Mini-Music Festival. If you would like to be invited, email

D'ORFEST started with 4 mini-music festivals 2009 to 2012, where around 200 people got together for 3 or 4 days, camping around the house, to enjoy good music, good food, wonderful scenery, gorgeous sun sets and sun rises and each other's company. 

You can watch the promo and post-festival videos by clicking one of the years under the "Music @ D'ORFEST" tab.

Here's the promo video for D'ORFEST 2012
D'ORFEST 2012 - the post-festival video by Calum
click this link if video does not load 


D'ORFEST 2012 - the promo-video